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Korea Cosmetic Atoquegen Original Lotion

Product Detail Information

The main ingredients of Atoquegen

  • Beta-glucan of Schizophyllum commune (SC-glucan)
    - SC-glucan is produced in our own factory, has powerful hydration effect, acts as a skin sedative, and is renewable and is anti-carcinogenic.
  • Mandarin oil
    - The main chemical component of mandarin oil are limonene with a powerful anti-microbial effect and useful bio-active flavonoids.
  • COS-PA liposome
    - COS-PA liposome is a combination of Phytosphingosine and vitamin C, has anti-fungal and skin intensiflication effects.
  • Extract of Lithospermi radix
    - Extract of L. radix has anti-microbial / inflammatory effects, and is a alleviation molecule for skin irritations.


  • Use of natural substances (steroid free)
  • Powerful moisturizing effect to dry and sensitive skins
  • Skin sedative effect
  • Anti-microbial effect


  • For dry, sensitive skins
  • For atopic dermatitis
  • For frequent skin problems


  • SC-glucan is a kind of β-glucan, a neutral extracellular polysaccharide produced by the fungus Schizophyllum commune consisting of a 1,3-β-D-linked backbone of glucose residues with 1,6-β-D-glucosyl side groups. The non-degraded polysaccharide has a molecular weight of the order 106 Da
  • Features of SC-glucan
    - Skin moisturizing
    - Skin sedative
    - Anti-cancer molecule
    - Inducing of collagen biosynthesis
    - Burn and Wound healing

What type is appropriate for your skin?
(Functional cosmetics nutrition / Immunity for all skin types.

  • The skin that you want to improve the wrinkles become deeper wrinkles and there is no elasticity.
  • If you need stress-induced sedatiion after strong ultraviolet rays
  • Itching and dry sensitive skin
  • Pigmentation trouble and Acne
  • Skin to prevent a trace of Years
  • Sensitie skin in harmful chemical components