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Korea Cosmetic Raw Material Beta Glucan- Glucan REAL

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Glucan REAL

  • Major component: SC-glucan ( Schizophyllan)
  • Chemical structure: β-1, 6-branched-β-1, 3-glucan
  • Origin: Schizophyllan commune (biotechnological product)
  • Average molecular weight: 3.5 X 106Da
  • Content of SC-glucan: 0.4%
  • Characteristics:Colorless or slightly opalescence liquid


  • Powerful skin moisturizing effect
  • Alleviation effect for skin irritation
  • Burn and Wound healing effect/li>
  • Induction of collagen biosynthesis


  • Moisturizing component for general cosmetics
  • Moisturizing component for cosmetics for dry skin
  • Moisturizing component for cosmetics for atopic patient
  • Moisturizing and Burn healing component for sun-block cream


SC-glucan is a kind of β-glucan, a natural polymer produced by he fungus Schizophyllum commune consisting of a 1,3-β-D-linked backbone of glucose residues with 1, 6-β-D-glucosyl side groups.


  1. Molecular weight
  2. Effects on Burn AND Wound Healing
  3. Skin moisturizing and sedative effects
  4. Immune strengthening effects.
  5. Safety