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Korea Cosmetic Skin Care the 4 Types Set of Atoquegen Plus

Product Detail Information


  • Use of natual substances powerful moisturizing effect to dry and sensitive skins.
  • Skin sedative effect
  • Anti-microbial effect
  • FDA quality tests on cosmetics safety according to U.S.Food and Drug Administration testing standard.
  • Powerful moisturizing effect to dry and sensitive skins
  • Anti-irritation effect
  • Anti-wrinkle effect
  • Immune effect
  • Skin recovery effect


  1. Atoquegen Plus Lotion
  2. Atoquegen Plus Pure Serum
  3. Atoquegen Plus Essential Skin
  4. Atoquegen Plus Essential Cream

How to use

Atoquegen Plus Essential Skin → Ato Quegen Plus Pure Serum → Ato Quegen plus Lotion → Ato Quegen plus essential cream